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Dunkler Einschub
Leichtes Rosa
Grüne Bühne
Helle Abdeckung
Rote Wand

Levels and Layers | Watercolour and Tempera on Paper | 297 x 210 mm bzw. 210 x 210 mm
© Tobias Loemke

The new Blue Wall 
Studio Wall
278 cm x 400 cm 
© Tobias Loemke

Between seeping in, sticking and leaning on, and setting up

It is a drawing of white ink lines, drawn directly on the blue wall. Each line consists of one thick brushstroke that rhythmizes the wall stroke by stroke, layer by layer: Somehow strict, somehow open.
Gaps break through the grid; it has a textile quality itself and connotates with a veil.
The wall drawing is the background for the small formats painted. It’s the foundation that enables the interaction between all the other parts and dimensions.
The small bright pictures are placed in the middle, attached to the wall.
In front of the wall, three objects lie on the floor. They act like anchors to reality and give the wall its foundation. The sticks are mediators between the world and the illusion of space and materiality of the painted and drawn parts. They lean against the wall and bring together the different dimensions of the piece.



Detail: Pictures on the new Blue Wall (white ink, painted with a broad brush).