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Expanding frames (Fabric Wall)
© Tobias Loemke

Expanding frames

I love the power of bright colors. I love the haptic of soft fabrics. I love the variety of rhytmic patterns.

This wall can be read as my first approach to include my queer background into pictures. The abstract shapes of my paintings depart from their previous conditions. They appear joyful. Transformed into independent textiles, woods or papers, the playful interaction starts - in-between materialized colours.
Using textiles is also the result of me being stunned about the huge variety of self-designed cloth made by my students. Textiles offer haptic sensations, the freedom of falling, the self-evidence of drapery, the naughty combination of chains. 
Textiles allow to conquer spaces and to act with, and within, different layers. Painted glass on textiles shows the close relationship that exists between installing and painting layers. Last but not least: working with textiles and objects may help to reinvigorate the process of painting again.