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The Blue Wall (Playing Field)
White Ink on Blue, Paintings (Studio View)
278 cm x 400 cm
© Tobias Loemke

The Blue Wall

The Blue Wall with the white drawing transforms the paintings into a larger whole. The drawing is reminiscent of a playing field on which the paintings become independent players. Each painting has its own character, but also its own story. The white drawing frames them, gives them a place. The paintings, in turn, act with this given playing field, transgress markings, move freely. 

Close-Up´s of »The Blue Wall«

Orange Floor
Blue Field
Purple Boxes
Sea Kringle
Mind Round
Red Fractures

The Blue Wall Players (Diamonds)
Egg Tempera on heavy Linnen
each 500 mm x 400 x 45 mm / 500 x 500 x 45 mm
© Tobias Loemke