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Orange Floor
Blue Field
Purple Boxes
Yellow Locker
Sea Kringle
Mind Round
Light Edge
White Sides
Red Fractures

The Blue Wall Players (Diamonds)
Egg Tempera on heavy Linnen
each 500 mm x 400 x 45 mm / 500 x 500 x 45 mm
© Tobias Loemke

The Blue Wall (Playing Field)
White Ink on Blue, Paintings (Studio View)
278 cm x 400 cm
© Tobias Loemke

The Blue Wall

The Blue Wall with the white drawing transforms the paintings into a larger whole. The drawing is reminiscent of a playing field on which the paintings become independent players. Each painting has its own character, but also its own story. The white drawing frames them, gives them a place. The paintings, in turn, act with this given playing field, transgress markings, move freely.